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How to logout of Twitter on the iPhone app

A common question we see on Twitter is “how do I logout of twitter on iPhone”, well the simple answer is you don’t log out as such. You have to delete your account from the app or your phone.

Don’t worry you are NOT deleting your actual Twitter account before you get worried!!

Before we begin:

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Method 1: For users who don’t have iOS5 or don’t know what iOS5 is

If this method does not work for you you will probably have iOS5, please see method 2 below for instructions on how to logout of twitter on iOS5.

Twitter iPhone logout

Begin by firstly open the Twitter for iPhone app up on your iPhone.
From the main timeline screen click the “Accounts” button situated to the top left of the screen.

This will then list any Twitter accounts that are currently signed in on your iPhone. Hit the “Edit” button, once again located at the top left.

(Note: if you see a message displaying “You can edit your accounts in the Setings app”, you will need to read and carry out method 2 below)

Now tap the minus icon next to the account you wish to delete and then hit the “Remove” button.

Hey your logged out, now all you need to to is to sign back in by hitting the “+” icon situated towards the top right hand side of the screen. You will then flood your Twitter for iPhone app with your latest tweets and timeline. Simple huh?

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Method 2: For users who have iOS5

If you are unsure if you have iOS5 please try this method, if this does not work please see method 1 above.

Twitter iPhone logout iOS5

Begin by firstly open the iPhone settings app on your iPhone.
Scroll down until you find the Twitter Icon and tap this icon.

You will notice that all of the signed in Twitter accounts will appear here.

Simply tap the account you wish to delete, and when the next screen loads scroll down until the “Delete Account” red button becomes visible.

Note: This will not delete your twitter account, this will only remove it / sign you out from your phone.

Now to logout, simply tap the “Delete Account” button and all is complete!

Simple huh?

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